Dearest Chubbies,

The NFT space has been exploding with projects, as its community offers immense opportunities for artists, collectors, promoters, and really anyone who has internet access. And with this climb in popularity, there has been an equal rise in complete utter bullshit.

Have you ever seen the immense volume traded of a project and wondered where that ETH is going? Has it really been reinvested? Where is that staking tool, the amazing alpha calls, the animated version of your PFP, or that P2E game? The vast majority of projects cannot deliver on these claims and lose the attention of token holders after their 15 minutes of fame. A community needs quick and sustained rewards to maintain faith in a project.

Here at Chubby Industries we may be fat but we are not greedy. This is a free mint, accessible to anyone on the ETH chain. The idea of this project is to redistribute wealth back to token holders in the forms of direct ETH drops - actual measurable utility to make random Chubbies rich. Our main page explains in detail, but essentially we will start by taking 100% of earnings and splitting that amongst the wallets holding 10 randomly selected tokens, and continue to do this regularly until we moon.

Transparency and honesty are extremely hard to find in the NFT space. But that doesn't mean a project like this cannot be successful. If anything, it means this is an opportune time to introduce a disruptive project that can reframe what a project can offer.

With all this being said, the success of Chubby Grubby depends entirely on its community. The more volume traded, the more earnings we can give back to token holders. So buy, sell, and spread the word.

Remember the plan

-Maximize chubbiness

-Maintain grubbiness

-Communally set floor price >10 ETH

-Redistribute wealth

As always, stay chubby frends.