Chubby Grubby is a free mint collection of 10,000 grubbies snacking on the Ethereum blockchain. Grubby is the artistic expression of every fully grown adult's desires to revert back to a childlike state of unrestricted eating, complete comfort in one's own body, and absence of any real responsibilities.

🍩 10,000 ERC-721 tokens

🍟 252 traits

🥓 5 legendary

🛠️ Utility: Chubby Grubby is an atypical project that returns royalty revenue back to token holders

Chubby Grubby is a project that returns royalty revenue back to token holders. This is done by randomly selecting 10 token numbers at a given time. The wallets holding those tokens are then dropped an equal share of royalty revenue / earnings generated to that time point.

1 day after mint, we gave away 100% of our earnings. 9 ETH was generated at that time, amounting to 0.9 ETH in royalty (Chubby Grubby has a 10% creator earning). We then selected 10 random token numbers - and each of the wallets holding these tokens was directly dropped their share of the revenue (0.9 ETH / 10 = 0.09 ETH each). The list of the winners and Etherscan links can be found here (

The intent of this project is to reward token holders with actual ETH by continuing to redistribute royalty revenue in a random fashion. The second revenue drop will be performed after reaching 18 ETH in volume traded. We will continue to give back at 100% until the project begins to gain considerable steam.

Each Chubby Grubby gives you the chance to receive a royalty reward. The same token will not be picked twice. This means that the chance your token will be picked becomes higher as the project moves along, as the previously winning tokens are ineligible for future rewards. The prior winning tokens are not useless however - they will fall into a separate raffle where 1/1s will be dropped to winning token holder wallets.

These mechanics are designed to promote active trading/selling of Chubby Grubby tokens, where holders can make profit off the typical trading of NFTs but also be eligible for random fat ETH rewards. The size of these rewards depends entirely on volume traded, so the sky is the limit. The same wallet can win multiple times, so holding more Chubby Grubby tokens increases your chance of receiving a pay out.

Our goal is to share wealth and stay chubby, not greedy. While the concept of transparency and giving out ETH is extremely rare in the NFT space, we are serious about this project. We have already dolled out 100% of our earnings and will continue to do so until Chubbies enter space.

Winning tokens and wallets will be announced on Twitter and posted on our pay out page with Etherscan links for full transparency. The same token cannot be selected twice, unless all other tokens have already been selected as winners.

1. Free Mint

2. Maximize Chubbiness

3. Listen to Chubby Grubby Anthem on repeat (see next section)

4. As a community, establish arbitrarily high floor price >10 ETH

5. Maintain Grubbiness

6. Utility mechanic (up to 100% royalty revenue redistribution every 3 days)

7. Immense profit; internet breaks

Despite our name, we here at Chubby Industries would like to educate the public on how to stay healthy. Use this food pyramid as a guide to building a sustainable meal plan and see the helpful tips below:

Follow these simples rules for a happier, longer life:

1. Remember the four major food groups. A diet rich consisting only of candy and meat is not healthy - consider adding butter to round things out

2. Never settle for reduced calorie versions of the food and drink you love. Artificial sweeteners will kill you before diabetes will

3. The people behind butter substitutes will be charged for their crimes in due time - remember: if its not 100% butter, its 100% not worth your time

4. If you are feeling bloated and uncomfortable during a meal, eat past this feeling - your body is testing you and that challenge must be conquered

  • Has memorized all the lines to "Rush Hour"

  • Addicted to Drivers, Dine-ins and Dives

  • Once chugged a pint of syrup

  • 2D/3D artist, pre-diabetic

  • Proponent of the "No New Friends 2022" lifestyle

  • Slowly losing hair and faith in life

  • Marketing, copy, degeneracy

  • Loves meatloaf and Meatloaf

  • Used "comfortable in sweatpants" to describe themselves in a job interview - spoiler alert: did not get job

  • Grew up thinking that photographs were actually realistic drawings

  • Held back in 3rd grade for thinking the above^

  • Web design, hot takes, keyboard player

  • Makes most decisions based on chance of sweating

  • Unofficially kept DoorDash in business during the pandemic